terça-feira, 20 de agosto de 2013

terça-feira, 6 de agosto de 2013


Night time
Take two pills
Morning lights
Take half of it
Take two more
Until you're sane
Until you're gone

domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

Take me

Can you take me out of here?

Take me somewhere I can't be found
Take me somewhere I don't know who's around
Take me higher, 'cause I fell to the ground

Can you take me back
Just don't take me to my past
You could just give me some rest
But you gotta do it real fast

Take me to death
Or as near as it could get
I really need a rest
From all the things that's left
All I need is to forget
Please, show me death.


Signs are shinning above my door
If I cross it right now
I know the spirits will bother
Leaving my soul to the poor

They'll pull my hair
Also pull my arms
They'll touch my legs
And, scared, I'll cry

I'll never know
What they want with me
But that's just a dark dream
Dark dreams are made of this

quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Every other mental day

Feels like I'm riding a roller coaster in the dark
Sanity feels too damn far

I push people away
But, at the same time,
I'm scared they'll leave
And I end up saying "Fuck off"
But deep down I mean
"Stay, please"

My body is covered in bruises
Did I suffer from a 3rd degree burn?
I have no emotional skin
That's why I'm always hurt

But it gets worse
You don't know what to do
What you say is never enough
It's not only you
Who has to go through my mental stuff

You stop to wonder
What's in my head
But if you knew
You'd be already dead

Feels like I'm riding a roller coaster in the dark
And everyday
Sanity is still way too far