domingo, 9 de março de 2014

God, you're a lie

You gave me love
And than brutally
Took it away from me

You gave me hope
Gave a place to stay
A place to call home

You gave me friends
But took them back
Also took my sanity
Took my life breath

And then you gave me
A pretty thing to love
Just to make it fucking crazy
Make it hate me too much

And then you gave me lonliness
You made me bad
Until my heart stopped beating

You made it beat again
For someone who loved me back

You filled me up with hope
And on my knees I begged
"Please, Father
Please don't take him
Please make it last"

Not even a week later
I could hear Satan's laugh
You were by his side
Holding his hands

You gave me everything
Just to take them back
They clame You're pure love
But love doesn't make you rad

You're nothing but a lie 
God's dead
And so am I