segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013

I'm sorry, but fuck you

I remember how it was in the beginning 
When we both had some meaning
We were always dancing and singing
Didn't notice you were bleeding

I was a free bird
And you were a lovely poet

Than it changed
I broke my wings
And you ripped your soul

We were both drowning 
Scared to death we would die
You put me down
And started with those lies

(I love you, I won't hurt you, I forgive you, I will never do it again, you can trust me)

I know it's not your fault
You were afraid
But so was I
And you made me feel pain
Leaving me dry
It was one of those mistakes

You hit me

And again

But you said you'd change

Than yo beat me
Till bruises would appear
Said you're sorry
And kissed my cheeks 

I hated you
But I didn't run away

So you locked me in the dark
To make sure I'd stay

You broke my broken wings
My broken ribs
My broken heart

And it was when I realized 
I had to run away
Before I felt too hard

You never stopped though
You chased me
And cursed my soul

Leave me alone 

I'm sorry, but I'm not that strong

Fuck you
And live your life on your own

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