sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014

About now

Once upon a time
There was a fucked up girl
Who wanted to taste 
Everything in the world

From alcohol to meth
From being alive to being dead
From great memories to regrets
From the future to the past

She was a whore
She was a saint
She was mental
And she was sane

She had 3 boyfriends

The Poet
The Manwhore
And The One
(At least she thought so)

The Poet was crazy
He thought he loved her
He thought she was amazing
Until he ruined her

She got scared
And ran away
Until the next 
Stupid boyfriend came

The Manwhore was a trap
She thought she loved him
Until she realized
He was such a twat

He broke her
As bad as The Poet did
She ran away to become
The whore she used to be

And then The One came 
Just to mess with her mind
He was just so strange
She thought he was also some lie

Was he trouble?
Was he a mess?
Maybe he was
The best you can get 

He smelled like home
He tasted sweet
But most important
He made her scream

He's really nice
She loves him now
We truly hope
He won't break his vows

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