terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2017


I wanted to hem my jeans with the kitchen scissors cause it seemed like a good idea. I clearly do not have the best ideas. I could start off with my pack of sleeping pills, or else, I could name you as another one of my bad ideas.That might be the problem with drugs, including love.
At the beginning they all give you exactly what you need. These sleeping pills gave me amazing hours of slpeed. You made life seem easire, brighter, happier. But tonight I can't sleep without my sleeping pills. And I can't see the colours of the day without you.

I went to the movie today. Reminded me of you/ I went to my favorite place downtonw to breath in and out, but all I could see was you. everywhere.
You've been gone and all I have done is missed you

Well, I still have som pills to put me to sleep. They'll mak me dream of you tonight,

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