quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013

Death's touch

Everyone's dressed in black.

What the hell?
I don't get it
And she doesn't regret it
That's why she killed herself

Oh, please,
Don't you dare fucking cry at her funeral

You say
"If only I knew..."
Well, asshole, you did
You're part of what made her wanna do this

You saw the scars on her wrists
Her talks about suicide
You pretended it didn't exist
And you left it aside

Don't wear black
And don't you dare cry
She's finally free
Of her goddammit torturing life

And now you miss her
And wish she was here
Oh, you poor thing
Now everything seems clear

She wanted
She needed to die

Well, thank God, she did
And now
She's finally fine

You had your time
To avoid

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