segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013


1- Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment

2- Unstable and intense interpersonal relationships, with marked shifts in attitudes toward others (from idealization to devaluation or from clinging dependency to isolation and avoidance), and prominent patterns of manipulation of others

3- Marked and persistent disturbance manifested by an unstable self-image or sense of self

4- Impulsiveness in at least two areas that are potentially self-destructive, e.g., substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, gambling, reckless driving, shoplifting, excessive spending, or overeating

5- Recurrent suicidal threats, gesture, or self-mutilatin behaviors

6- Affective instability due to marked reactivity of mood with severe episodic shifts to depression, irratibility, or anxiety, usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days

7- Chronic feeling of emptiness 

8- Inappropriate anger, intense anger, or lack of control of anger, e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent phisical fights

9- Transient, stress-related paranoid thoughts or symptoms of severe dissociation

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