quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013

Prozac Generation

We're the 90's kids.
It feels like we're the coolest so far
But, really,
Most of our girls spend time at the bars
Getting drunk
And getting high

We're the first generation who wanna kill ourselves
Or that keep wishing
We were somebody else
And all we need is real help

We go to psychologists and psychiatrists
Our parents say it's a phase 
Even though depression's been here
And it never goes away

Parents don't understand.
They say we're stressed out about our future

Well, we are.
Are we gonna be alive to see our future?
It feels so damn far

They fill us up with antidepressants 
So we stop talking about suicide
"They're just teenagers", they say
And all our real problems are left aside
We gotta keep it inside
Our going-insane mind

We're the Prozac Generation

"Get over it".

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