quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013


She cries her soul

He thinks she's blessed by some God he doesn't even believe in. 

She's been forgiving
All the shit they did to her 
But deep in her heart 
Actually, she's sick of getting hurt 

It feels like If she confesses their sin 
She's the one to pay the price of the past
 In which she got really messed. 

She cries her soul 

He's here to tell her everything will be alright 

How can he know? 
She doesn't even feel alive anymore. 

She screams 
She's been asking for help 
But some just pretend 
And others can't do anything else

They've got the power 
And they'll kill her 

Kill me 
Kill me 
Kill me 
Please do it fast I can't stand the past 
Haunting me like it haunts the poor souls  

Kill me 
Other than that I will do it myself 
And I'll make all of them regret 
They didn't give me any real help. 

And tell him 
Tell him I love him so 
He cured part of my soul 
But others killed the rest of it. 

And tell him 
Tell him I am so sorryI left him this way
 The only answer was suicide 
The other answer, they gave it away.


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