segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013


Why do people have to change?
They used to kiss my lips
But now they slap me in the face

Sometimes changes are good
But most times
It feels like they are not
And I feel so lost

I miss them
But I miss myself the most
I got tired of being a ghost
Who begs for life the most

I used to be fresh and pure,
-I believed-
Now I am dead and sad
The world made me mad
And I turned out to be impure

I miss their smile
But I miss mine the most
I miss their laugh and talks
But I miss mine the most
I miss their purity
But, really, I was never pure

I just miss being happy
Not thinking about suicide
I became a sad story to tell
All I gotta say is "goodbye".

Goodbye to myself...

Goodbye, fresh and free

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