quarta-feira, 26 de junho de 2013


It was dark. Way too dark. And I was sweating. I couldn't breath. It felt like I was in hell. The only difference is that it was my particular hell. I was the only one in there, the only lost soul in this hell, and that thought gave me chills. It was too dark. I was trying to walk, with my hands in front of me, just to make sure I wouldn't run into anything. I couldn't find any light, couldn't find a way, couldn't find anybody to help me. It didn't matter if I screamed and screamed. I was all alone, drowning in the dark. I didn't know if the place I was in was big or small, if there was something in my way. I just felt all alone. And then I started to feel demons around me. They would pull my hair, scratch my skin, whisper bad things on my ears, and I could do nothing but stay in there. I couldn't reach them because I didn't know where they came from. All I knew is that I was alone in the dark, and I was very scared. And that's how depression feels like for me.

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