sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

Empty croud

So many reasons to lie
But no reasons to live
All I want is to die
And my soul they shall keep

Tears come down my face
But I feel nothing anymore
All the love, I gave it away
So all that's left's a dirty whore

I'm dying
And I've been lying
Laying in bed while crying
Somewhere else I should be flying

Will he come home?
Does he need to be saved?
Why are we so alone?
There's no one else to blame.

They found the drugs
She had a stroke
I'm cutting again
The family's broke

It's all my fault
It started when I came

It's all my fault
I can only cause pain

It's all my fault
I should've gone away

It's all my fault
But for you I'll pray.

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