domingo, 12 de maio de 2013

The Lion and the Siren

     It was almost midnight and the moon was darker than usual. The Siren just got out of the river, turning her tail into beautiful long legs. Her hair curled to her waist.The Siren wore her satin dress and went to the village looking for a man to seduce, so she could drag him into the river and eat his flesh with her sisters.
     Meanwhile, the Lion walked on all four paws, and while he walked, he turned into a very attractive man. His mane became a long hair, and eyes seemed to catch fire. He would seduce a woman and take her to his flock, where all the lions would eat her flesh.
     It was a special night. Full moon night. Night of partying in the villages. A perfect night for hunting.
     The Siren arrived at a village and quickly hung out with everyone. She listened to the music played by the troubadours, who soon improvised something to sing to the beautiful lady, while other women felt jealous of the beauty and grace of the newcomer. Little did they know that she was a mermaid, willing to steal one of those guys and drag him into the river.
     The Siren started singing according to the music played. She sang with the most magnificent voice they ever heard. All men were almost drooling while they listened to the  perfect, sweet, melodious voice of the strange girl.The Siren didn't have a target in mind yet. She as planning on choosing the less interested of all men and would seduce him.
     The Lion went around the village and heard that supernatural voice. He needed to know who was the woman who sang so beautifully, and whether her flesh was as sweet as her voice. The Lion finally walked into the village. All women noticed the strange new man and started to whisper to each other, but the Lion was seeking the woman who sang with such grace, trying not to show much interest in her.
     The Siren realized there was a young man who wouldn't give her as much attention as the others.
     That's him,  thought the creature. This is the flesh we need.
     The Lion realized that the woman did not look at him as the others did, and he felt a certain mystery on her eyes.
     That's her, he thought. She has the sweet blood that end our hunger and thirst.
   The Siren stopped singing, and the music started playing as loud again. Men and women were excited and started dancing. Women trying to impress Lion, as the men tried to impress the Siren. But nobody was successful. Only those two could seduce one another with the greatest of ease.
    And the Lion danced with the Siren, forgetting his purpose, forgetting his hunger and thirst. He could only focus on the delicate body of the girl he held while dancing. And the Siren was lost in his eye. His eyes seemed to burn inside her, making her forget about her hunger for the flesh.
     And they danced. They danced for several hours without stopping. Until they decided to leave that place and get lost in the forest, where they made love all night.
     Before dawn, the Siren returned to the river, and the Lion returned to his flock. They had failed their haunt, but their brothers and sisters could get what they needed.
    The Siren fell in love with Lion and the Lion fell in love with Siren. But they could not be together because the Siren belonged to the water, and the Lion belonged to the fire. Still, nothing could stop them, nothing could stop the love they felt for each another.
    It was like that until the end of times: The Lion and the Siren met every full moon in the midst of nature, hidden from their flocks, hidden from people, hidden from fire and water, hidden so they could love.

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