segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013


I found shelter
in the rain.
Hide the pain,
so he doesn't go away.

Maybe I have said it
Maybe it was wrong
Maybe it was too much pity
Or maybe it was you.

                                                                 I found shelter
                                                                 In the dark
                                                                 Where I could cry
                                                                 I know, it wasn't smart.

                                                                 Maybe I have said
                                                                 Something that hurt you
                                                                 Or maybe I just did
                                                                 Something I shouldn't do.

I found shelter
Inside your arms.
But what am I doing?
The affair went too far.

Maybe I have said
Something that was new
And you felt surprise
It wasn't all about you.

                                                           I lost my shelter
                                                           And faced the pain
                                                           What were we doing?
                                                           Who's gone away?

                                                           Maybe it's what I said
                                                           Maybe it was the affair
                                                           Maybe you began to stray
                                                           And it is time to go away.

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