quinta-feira, 30 de maio de 2013

What's going on, father?

I screamed
I screamed
I cried for help

You're my father
You should help me
If it's not you
Then who else?

I knew
That you knew
About those problems before

I just pretended
You didn't know
That my soul was so poor

I thought I could trust you
I thought you would help
But now I must find
I must find someone else

I've been trying
Some help I've been looking for
They also pretended they didn't know
And now I feel like a fucking whore

I would cry in your chest
But you never hugged me back
Here I'll be stuck
I still wish you the best

"Help me", I screamed
But you pretended you didn't hear
"What's going on, father?", I asked
You didn't answer
And it still fills me up with fear.

I am disappointed
I thought I could trust you
Obviously I was wrong
I hope it doesn't kill you too
Because, after all, I still love you.

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